CNC Spring Former Machine
CMM-12-260R CNC Multi-Axes Spring Former Machine
CMM-5-800R CNC Multi-Axes Wrie Bender Machine
CMM-10-235 CNC Multi-Axes Spring Former Machine
CMM-10-400 CNC Multi-Axes Spring Former Machine
CMM-10-230 CNC Multi-Axes Spring Former Machine
CMM-12-400R CNC Multi-Axes Spring Former Machine
CMM-12-600R CNC Multi-Axes Spring Former Machine
CMM-8-800R CNC Multi-Axes Wrie Bender Machine
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CMM-8-800R CNC Multi-Axes Wire Bender Machine
wire bender machine, spring forming machine

Revolutionary 10 axes spring & wire forming machines that allow spring manufacturers to massively produce a variety of springs with high speed and accuracy!

Feature Highlights

Free arm technology.
Windows screen operation.
Servo driven free arm technology that allows a forming blade to move freely on an X,Y plane.
Intuitive graphics user interface is based on Windows and its crash free characteristic is due to the employment of a bulletproof software engineering methodology. This makes learning and configuring highly complex springs a simple task.
Equipped with standard bells and whistles such as rotary wire, rotary quill, spinner and 6 forming blades.

Wire Dia. 3.0-8.0 mm
Max. Wire Feed 10000.00mm
Min. Wire Feed 0.01mm
Max. Wire Feed Speed 80m/ min
Max. Wire Feed Length Unlimited
Number Of Axes 8
Power 14200 W
Voltage 380V
Software Industrial Grade Computer
Program Storage 2000
Air Compresser System Air pressure 5-6KG/cm
Pin 3
Depth 3300mm
Dimensions Width 1500mm
Height 1800mm
Machine Weight 3000KG
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